Friday 26 August 2011

Here they are Yum! Yum!

The muffins are chocolate marble cakes with
chocolate butter frosting.
  We made butterflies and
blossom flowers out of icing and sprinkled 
edible glitter on them.
Beth then decorated the cakes.
going to have one in a bit with my evening brew
can't wait they smell sooooooo good.
Have a great bank holiday weekend.
Thanks for looking and i hope we
haven't made you to hungry...Lol.

Take care

Hugs Angie x


  1. Wow, you two have done wonderful muffins!
    I'm thrilled!
    Hugs Nela

  2. Yummy yummy, Look good enough to you have made a super job of decorating them Beth xx I could have done with you when I used to do wedding cakes :) xx Mau

  3. Angie, they look sooooo good!
    How did you make the butterflies?
    My grandaughter, Millie, will turn a year old, in November, and her mummy wants a butterfly theme for her party....I made a butterfly quilt when she was born, and she's kind of stuck with the theme.
    Would love to know how you made them....simply gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous Angie ~ they almost look to good to eat!!! LOVE the decorations on them! I will have to look for some of that glitter here!

  5. Ooh these are looking so

  6. These look delicious!!!xx


Thanks for all your wonderful comments
i love to read them
and they are much appreciated.
Hugs to you all Angie x


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