Friday 3 August 2012

Summer's here at last

Hi all hope you are well.
What a difference the sun makes, i must say
it's been quite rainy here in the north west,
but the sun has made a bit of an appearance
this last week and all the flowers love it.
They all seem to be opening  up and giving us
a blooming display.

My Lilly's have taken forever to open
but at last hurray one has finally opened and 
how gorgeous worth the wait.

  The Fuchsia Swingtime is one of my favourites
i love the big blowzy flowers and the colours are
just fantastic.

These poppies are just fabulous too and 
free. I don't know where they came from they
started to grow a few years ago and have been here
ever since. The great thing is i just leave them to 
do their thing and they self seed and come up every year.

 It's not just the flowers that have benefited
from the rain my spuds have done well.
I dug up my first batch and got 39 spuds just from
the one plant and ooh they made fab chips.

Beth's been busy too she had a baking day
and made biscuit bears and did most of it herself.

I'm not far off finishing my flower scarf.
It's has taken a bit of a back seat for a while
but I'm going to finish it before i do anything
else. I've got a long list of things i want to do.

I have finally given in and bought a copy
of this fabulous Homespun style book that
a lot of bloggers are oohing over
I now know why, it's just gorgeous.
 There are lots of fabulous photos
and bags of idea's, I'm already buttering up hubby to
make me some shelves for my kitchen for all
my nick naks I've got and yet to buy.
I may end up being cushion mad too.
I wonder if there's a cure for that?

Take care

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