Monday 6 January 2014

I'm back

Hi all long time no see and a happy new year. I have decided to start my blog again, I'm still not card making, my craft cupboard door is still well and truly closed but I am loving crocheting, i've always got something on the go.

It all started the other day, hubby bought me an iPad for Christmas and I've been surfing the net as u do and decided out of the blue to look at my own blog. I have not looked at it for well over a year and scrolling through the posts I started reminiscing about things I'd made and did that I had forgotten about. It was nice to remember so I'm going to start blogging again but more for me, I suppose it's like a diary so in years to come I can look back and remember my crafty creations.

This is my latest project it's the start of a blanket the pattern is out of a book I got for my birthday It's Granny Squares by Susan Pinner. The blanket is on the front cover and the best thing is it's using up my scraps of wool although I did have to buy a few balls I was missing a few colours. It's a join as you go so it's not so daunting having to sew it altogether in one go I'm also finishing the backs off as I go as well.

I have a few projects finished and a few still in progress. A jumper I'm knitting and another crochet blanket it's the dark grey one from my Holidays are here post, i did do a bit more, then I'm ashamed to say it got left.  I will finish it though, a New Years resolution  there I've said it now out in public I will finish it before the end of the year! 

I'll show some more of my finished projects soon I need to take some photos first 


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  1. Oh this is looking fabulous, blogging is a great way of recording your finished creations whatever they are. Looking forward to seeing what else you make.


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