Friday 10 February 2012

Cosy Ta dah

Ta Dah
Hi all hope you're well.
It's last day of school for my little ones
then we can have a week off.
It should be a nice peaceful one as
my eldest is off to Paris with school
(alright for some).
So there will be no sibling rivalry.

Here we are then i've finished the cosy.
Actually it wasn't to bad to do really, 
quite easy, i love the pleat effect.

Flitting around blog land a lot of people
seem to be using wooden needles these days
so i thought i would have a go.

Searching on eBay i came across some 
Cath Kidston goodies

 And wooden knitting needles.

The best thing is they're all
unwanted Christmas gifts so are 
brand new and half the RRP.
I've got a nice little set happening here.

I must say they are really good to knit with
smooth and unlike my metal ones warm in your hand.
I would recommend them.

Oh well it's back to blanket squares again
I will finish, I will finish.
Just keep saying that to myself.

Take care 


  1. Ooh gorgeous Angie! Your photo looks like a magazine shot with your cosy perfectly placed next to your coordinating mug! Love your Cath Kidston goodies - how could anyone not want them???!!!
    I'll have to try wooden needles.

  2. You are definitely on a roll, lately.....this is so flippin' cute! Love the colours, and you are so right about the pretty pleats...sweeeet!

  3. This is too cute Angie, Love the cuteness!!



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