Monday 5 March 2012


Hi all hope you are well.
i have finally finished making all
granny squares for my blanket.
I  finished them last night, i have had a big
push over the last few days as i 
could see the end in sight.
Between you and me though I'm all granny squared out,
so i think i might wait awhile before i 
tackle another.

The next job is now to crochet them all together.
I made a start last night as i have been dying to
see what they look like in their finished state.

I'm also glad i tidied the backs as i went
along, as i didn't relish the thought of
doing it all in one go when it was all
put together.

On the home straight now i don't know how long it's 
going to take to put together but it's nice to
 be doing something other than a square.

Take care


  1. well done you, look forward to seeing them all stitched together! Hugs Juls

  2. Omw!! Well done - can't wait to see this when it's done!

  3. Well done, so beautiful. It's going to make an awesome blanket. hugs Sharon


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and they are much appreciated.
Hugs to you all Angie x


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