Sunday 23 February 2014

Nordic shawl no. 1

Looking round blog land I kept seeing some beautiful
shawls, Nordic shawls in a variety of colours and I knew that was
right up my street.

I purchased the pattern from Annette at my rose valley etsy shop
and off I went.

I had some Debbie Bliss Andes sat there waiting for that special
project, I also had some Rico alpaca in grey just enough for the main colour.

I took my new crochet hooks out for a test, the knit pro ones I mentioned a
few posts ago. They get a big thumbs up from me, comfy to hold and glide through the wool.


It's turned out well I love the colour combination, I've already started on no. 2  this time 
I plan on adding more rows to make it longer.


1 comment:

  1. lovely shawl fab colour combination...I'm so wanting to give this pattern a try


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