Wednesday 16 July 2014

Camper Sprocket Pillow

Hi all I've not been blogging
for a bit, the only reason is 
i haven't had any little projects to share.

The weather has been fab so I've been
pottering outside and hubby is also building himself
a workshop in the garden so it's a bit of a building site.

I am quietly getting on with my
crochet sampler blanket i will finish it this year.
i have also been thinking of having a dabble with

Patchworking in particular.
i stumbled across a fabulous blog 
all i can say is wow she makes the most 
beautiful quilts and cushions.

When i saw this tutorial for a 
i knew i had found my first project.

So last night i set to and couldn't stop till i finished.

I had bought this camper van material in a pack with these other 
three last year. I had no idea what i was going to do with it,
i just loved it because it was pink and had campers on it.

When i saw the sprocket cushion i knew this pack was 
perfect. Oooh i felt a bit giddy at the thought and had to
start straight away.

So i rummaged around and found some plain cotton material
that Beth had left over from her patch blanket she made, and away i went.

It's not bad for a first attempt . 
I think i would prefer a patterned material
for the sides and back, and 
my front patchwork wouldn't lie flat after
i had sewn the pieces together.

Pulling it in the middle with a button did hide a lot of faults
so i got away with it.

I'm definitely going to make another, it's a good excuse to go
material shopping.

The only problem is it's yet another new hobby!
I need more space?
Oh yeah!! hubbies workshop.

I've more chance of winning the lotto 
than getting in there.



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