Monday 6 February 2012

More daff pots

Hi all hope you are well and not 
to cold.
Well as usual it has snowed everywhere
in the country except on us in the 
North west, all we had was rain.
Which then froze, it was pretty yuck really.
I have seen some of the snow pic's
people have posted in blog land and
they look wonderful.
oh well we can dream.

The reason for today's post is to
show you what happens 
when you find something addictive.
You might remember my post from last week

They multiply

Wow i have just noticed looking at
the picture from last week and 
then this one today how much the
daffs have grown.

Yes i did buy some more when i went food shopping.
The daffs were a good bargain, i got them
from Morrisons they had them on at 50pa pot,
half price so i couldn't resist.

Then once i got home i had to make the pot covers,
luckily they are quick to make as i couldn't
wait and

If you are wondering
i'm not sick of pineapples yet.

Take care


  1. You can have our snow if you want it hun, I'm sick of it already! And it's snowing again now, thankfully only fluffy flakes. Absolutely ADORE your pot covers, that's dead clever, and they are so pretty! Hugs Sxx

  2. Gosh, they have grown!! They look fab Ang. I'm glad we didn't get any snow as I hate trying to drive in it!


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