Saturday 11 January 2014

Christmas wreath

This is what I was busy with before Christmas. I admired the wreaths Lucy had made over at Attic 24
and fancied making my own. I bought a polystyrene half ring then started the major task of making lots and lots of flowers, holly leaves and little crochet balls. 

I'll tell you now you need more flowers than you think, I made a big pile and when I came to put them on the ring it only covered just over half, boo hoo.  Eventually I had enough then came the task of arranging them into what looked pleasing to the eye, I have to admit this took me a few days of messing, having a look as I passed, moving things again and again until hubby said "OMG it fine as it is". Don't tell him but he was right.

I'd also bought a pack of glitter baubles to give it a Christmas feel then I hit on the idea of lighting it up, so I bought a set of battery powered LED lights and it finished it off perfectly, very Christmasy.

I had it hanging on the lounge door I couldn't bring myself to pack it away when Christmas went back into the boxes so it's still there.  I did buy two rings when I ordered them off eBay so I might do a spring/summery one next.  

Not yet though I hate to say this but since last week when I showed you the blanket I was making I have now started on yet another one. I couldn't resist, I saw the most gorgeous sampler blanket over at Cherry heart blog, all beautiful neutral shades and that was it, I had to have a rummage in my stash and get going. So I now have three blankets on the go and a jumper.  Ooops!


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