Monday 19 May 2014

R.I.P. Old faithful

After 22 years of faithful service, on nearly every day especially since the kiddies have been around
I have to announce the retirement of my washing machine. Boo Hoo.  

Our Zanussi has served us well but had started to show its age, like I had to kick the door to get it going, also all the writing had faded off so I had to put them back on with a marker pen. It also started to make a funny sound when draining.

So hubby took me out washing machine shopping,
after doing a bit of surfing on the internet for the best price.
Isn't the internet great you don't have to trawl around all the shops any more
then end up back at the first place because they were the best. 

So farewell old girl

And hello sexy

It's nearly double the drum size and has a 15 min wash, ooh how can you get so excited over a washing machine.
Can't wait to take it for a spin. Ha! Ha!


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  1. ha, ha, ha - your post really made me smile! I got quite emotional when I had to part with my old washer too, Jo x


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