Wednesday 31 August 2011

Crochet hook wrap

Good morning all, wow it makes a change me
being up this early in the hols.
Had to go to the Dr's for my 3 yearly woman's
check if you know what i mean.
The only appointment they had left this week was
8.15 so i had to drag myself out of bed.
Ooh that was hard, i was nice and warm and cosy.

It's a bit chilly here today it feels like
Autumn is coming, next thing the spiders will
be everywhere. Don't you just hate that when
you walk through a web.

Anyway on to my crochet project.
I have bought a few hooks over the last year and 
had nothing to keep them in so i decided 
to make a wrap or roll or whatever you want to call it.

Isn't the wool just fab i saw it 
in my local wool shop and thought it would
make a great Teddy and it does, so i 
used what was left to make this roll.
The wool is Paintbox DK by Robin if you want to know,
they had some fantastic colours. I also got one 
that was in pale blues and browns although 
haven't decided what to use it for yet,
I just thought it looked pretty. lol..

The material sort of goes but it was all i had,
so instead of buying more i thought i would use
up what i had already got.

I have made extra space for my new hooks
that are on the way at the moment.
I have bought a set of Bamboo hooks, and
apparently they are supposed to be really smooth
and get better the more you use them because 
of the oils in your hands, so time will tell.
Just got to wait for Mr Postie to bring them.
hope that's today.

Oh well best go and get my Breakfast now.
Thanks for dropping by
Take care 

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  1. This is brilliant Angie; so pretty and practical too! That yarn is fab! xx


Thanks for all your wonderful comments
i love to read them
and they are much appreciated.
Hugs to you all Angie x


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