Wednesday 11 January 2012

Blooming Lovely

Morning all hope you are well, it's still
dull and wet here in the north west.
So here's the promise of spring 
to cheer us up.

Yesterday i was writing about the 
daffodils i bought, well look what 
i found 

I painted this as you can see back in 2010.
I was sorting out stuff the other day and
came across it, It's been sat in the pad
since i painted it.  Well i thought
'Wow, I painted that!'
looking at it again all this time later,
it's better than i remember.
So i have put it into a frame which instantly
makes it look better and thinking 
of putting it on my kitchen wall.

I sketched the image from a book of flowers and
painted it with watercolours.

Talking of flowers look whats 
finally decided to flower again

My Orchid is flowering again.
It's been so long i had actually forgotten
what the flowers looked like.

I remember now i bought this one because
it looks like someone has just got some
paint and put splodges on it.

It must be a year ago since it last flowered but
it's well worth the wait, and there are two stems 
so i should have quite a few flowers on it.

Oh well time to go, i might bake today
I'm in the mood for a cake.
Thanks for looking in today.
Take care


  1. wow!! your art work is just incredible!!! Hugs Juls

  2. Your painting is fabulous Angie - you should do more! xx


Thanks for all your wonderful comments
i love to read them
and they are much appreciated.
Hugs to you all Angie x


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