Wednesday 19 March 2014

Who knew!

Who knew that it wasn't me or the markers I was having 
trouble with.

It was the paper. I thought that I had a good quality one but no.

Doing a bit of research on the matter I found out that a lot of
people recommend  The Langton watercolour paper, they do
a smooth pad for fine art. 
I popped into my local art shop to get some and hay presto 
everything is blending beautifully.

I'm so pleeezzzzed with results it does make all the difference.



  1. Looks wonderful, thanks for the info I might look out for some myself, Jo x

  2. Such a beautifully coloured Tilda Angie and I love the CAS design.
    I used to have no end of trouble colouring until I found Langtons I agree with you it is fab paper.
    Hope you are having a lovely week.
    Hugs Sharon. x


Thanks for all your wonderful comments
i love to read them
and they are much appreciated.
Hugs to you all Angie x


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